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Our sole aim is to help your business thrive by providing simple, cost-effective products and quality customer service, designed especially for startups and SMEs


Our virtual office is much more than a tax address.

Reserve a day office, hot desk or business lounge on-demand, anytime.


Make the right impression and reserve a fully-equipped meeting room in your virtual office location.

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About us

OfficeChile is a Chile-based service provider specializing in offering a virtual address to our clients. Our service is far more than an address, we offer access to professional meeting rooms and coworking space. Our location is strategically placed for you to attend to major government institutions such as: foreign ministry, supreme court, many notaries to choose, among others.

Our client base is diverse with clients from all over the world using the safety of an established company address to start operations in Chile. Your business can grow and develop right along with us, and we are there to support you every step of the way.

Virtual office services

Plans and pricing





Tax and business address. X X
Mail reception and notification. X X
All type of correspondence reception. X X
Company registration advice. X X
Company registration service based of template minutes. X X
Common areas access: scanner, printer, locker, internet, etc. X
Desktop: 5 hours per week, cumulative within the same month. X
Meeting room: 3 hours per month. X
Contact us Contact us

For new clients we are offering the starter plan with a rental contract for 12 months for only $69.500

All our contracts have a minimum duration of 6 months.

Be advised that an amount of $10.000 is added to final cost of any contract, corresponding to notary fees.

Procedures Desktop hour Meeting room hour
$20.000 $3.000 $6.000